In healthcare innovation, a unique challenge arose: to make wearable skin patch technology more human-centered, providing hope for those dealing with the chronic skin condition Psoriasis.

The 3M Psoriasis Prescription Patch, created by the American Faethm design studio, is a medical-grade skin wearable. It features a lightweight design and is engineered to deliver precise pharmaceutical dosages to the skin, specifically targeting Psoriasis treatment. 3M worked closely with a pharmaceutical company to customize the wearable film to match the drug’s chemistry, aiming to provide a unique and patient-centered experience with the patch.

People with Psoriasis face limited treatment options, ranging from messy creams to expensive injections. Recognizing the unique experiences of each individual, a new approach was explored: a wearable medicated patch.

An important feature was the “honeycomb” patch, known for its innovative perforated design resembling hexagon-shaped cells. This breakthrough allowed patients to customize the patch size, addressing the specific needs of treating small or large areas affected by Psoriasis.

The success of this project was largely attributed to the crucial role of design. It went beyond just engineering and manufacturing; there was a shift toward a patient-centric approach. This change led to the development of a groundbreaking product that catered to the unique needs of Psoriasis patients, offering dermatologists additional tools to alleviate their patients’ suffering.

This accomplishment gained significance through the acquisition of a patent, protecting the unique design from generic drug manufacturers attempting to imitate this patient-centered approach.

The 3M Psoriasis Prescription Patch project demonstrates the impact of design in healthcare innovation, breaking conventional barriers and sparking a patient-focused revolution in Psoriasis treatment. By thoroughly grasping the needs and experiences of patients, the team has paved the way for relief, offering hope to those who have faced the challenges of this condition for a long time.