Teaming up with Marvel, the company introduced some Iron Man-themed accessories, but none quite as bold as their AirPods case. It’s designed to resemble an Iron Man helmet, opening up to store your TWS earbuds. Plus, it comes with a stand and a carabiner clip, perfect for attaching to your backpack. And the icing on the cake? It has light-up eyes that are sure to turn heads.

The case, made for AirPods Pro and Pro 2, is about the size of a fist and features a painted plastic finish (though a chrome-plating option would be even better). Resembling Iron Man’s head, it opens just like the helmet in the movies, but that doesn’t open the AirPods Pro case lid. You still have to open the helmet and then flip open the AirPods case lid to access your earbuds. It might be a bit of a hassle, but hey, it looks really cool.

The Iron Man-style holder doesn’t charge your AirPods Pro; it’s just a cool outer cover for storing them, replacing the standard white plastic. The standout feature? The eyes light up! Powered by a single CR2032 coin battery, the helmet’s eyes glow blue when you close it, shining for 2 minutes before automatically dimming.

The Iron Man AirPods Pro case costs $122, making it a bit hefty on your wallet and not the most pocket-friendly in terms of size either. But if you’re a comic-book fan or love the franchise, it’s a cool addition to your collection. Plus, it’s big enough that you won’t easily misplace it, so there’s a silver lining!