Not foldable, but bendable: Motorola’s latest concept phone can be worn like a wristwatch

Motorola, known for foldable phones, has introduced a new concept at its Tech World conference. The bendable phone has a 6.9-inch flexible pOLED screen, offering various usage modes, including as a standard smartphone, a self-standing device, and a wrist-worn digital accessory like a large smartwatch.

The safety and practicality of wearing the phone on the wrist are uncertain. Motorola’s concept images hint that it might easily slip off, especially for slender or active users. Despite this, further development could make the device more appealing. In standing mode, users can utilize 4.6 inches of the display, and all modes run a full version of Android, according to the company.

Motorola hasn’t shared much information beyond the screen capabilities of the device. It’s unclear what will power the phone, its battery capacity, and other essential specifications. While bendable devices and screens exist, they are not widespread. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold is one of the more promising devices in this category. Motorola’s device is currently a concept, and it’s uncertain if it will become a fully released product in the future.

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