During the pandemic, the “dome” trend gained popularity as people sought relief from home confinement. While offices and the world have reopened, garden domes, like Hypedome’s, continue to be a favorite. This dome serves as a unique home office and more.

Hypedome’s garden domes serve as versatile spaces, functioning as offices, relaxing lounges, yoga areas, and outdoor sleeping quarters. The geodesic design aims to enhance indoor-outdoor living, allowing you to enjoy nature’s beauty without worrying about harsh weather.

Constructed from robust polycarbonate panels, these hemispherical garden domes resemble glass but are 200 times more durable and weather-resistant. They also come with UV protection, ensuring longevity and safeguarding furniture and belongings placed inside. Hypedome aimed to create durable domes that enhance garden aesthetics while offering a practical living space resilient to diverse weather conditions.

These innovative garden domes are suitable for year-round use, offering easy heating in winter and providing a comfortable lounge during summer. Available in three sizes, the standard finish is crystal clear, with options for mirror, grey, and translucent finishes, offering privacy. Hypedome states a life expectancy of fifteen years for the garden domes, and when they reach the end of their lifespan, they can be fully recycled, adding to their eco-friendly appeal.