A startup called Humane is launching their Ai Pin, a wearable button that essentially contains an AI personal assistant, camera, speaker and projector.

Eye-rolling aside, the designers deserve credit. I used to think that digital assistants would only be found in smartphones. But the Ai Pin is different. It’s a wearable device that you can instantly access without having to search through your pockets or bags. At first, this may seem like a small difference, but when you watch the demo video, you’ll understand the user experience advantage.

It shows information on your hand is an interesting idea. It may limit the amount of detailed information the device can provide, as your hand has limited space. I wonder if this will lead to simplifying complex issues into short messages, like what happens on Twitter, and accepting those simplified summaries as the complete reality.

The Ai Pin attaches to your clothes using a magnet. The magnet also holds the battery. You get two of these magnets so you can change them while you’re out and about, instead of having to stop and charge them.

The Ai Pin can capture photos and make notes when asked to. These are sent to a personal interface called “.Center,” which you can access through a web browser.

The company began taking orders from this Thursday, November 16th. The device costs $700, along with a $24 monthly subscription that includes a phone number, unlimited connectivity, and cloud storage.